Michigan Excursion

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks – commissions, meetings, teaching and traveling has left me rather exhausted. I took a few days off after returning from Michigan last week ( a killer cold didn’t help…) to transition back into work mode, and am feeling pretty well and caught up now.

Here’s a few pics from our journey northward :)

Snowcrab - Fin and Feather Art
<3<3 Snowcrab <3<3



grand rapids brewing - fin and feather art
Lunch Break. Wonderful sour from Grand Rapids Brewing


sketching - fin and feather art
Sketching for succulent commission in the parent’s sunroom.


Michigan Farm - Fin and Feather Art
One of the many iconic family farms dotting the Michigan roadways.



Airplane Window - Fin and Feather Art
Back to Miami!

Hope everyone is having an excellent start to the week!