Nursery Illustration for my niece

So, I have a new niece and she is just the cutest.

Seriously. I don’t think they make them any cuter.

To welcome her to the world (and to her new nursery) I designed a little illustration with her name in a heart-shaped field of flowers.
Below are few pictures of the process leading up to the final image :)
I hope everyone has a fantastic memorial weekend!

Worst (but cutest) models ever.

I’ve worked with some antsy models before; idly picking at fabric during a figure drawing session; answering the phone while holding a pose, or constantly changing the pose that was *supposed* to be held for 45 minutes… but nothing, nothing, could compare to these guys.
I was lucky if I could get 10 seconds of stillness before they’d bound across the floor, crash into each other and start a vicious playfight that would roll across the living room and into the kitchen. Maybe I could get a foot sketched out before then. Just maybe.

Needless to say, I worked from pictures for this one.

Can’t really be mad, when this is what they look like when not causing chaos and destruction.

Sigrun is just ridiculous.

This illustration was created for the 2014 Alaska Ferret Symposium and will be available during the auction. It features our little fuzzy terror dumplings, Sigrun and Stitch. I was thrilled to be asked to participate and I wish them a fantastic event!

Prints are also up on Etsy :)

On a sidenote, I am loving working with pencil and pen like this. Suggestions for the next animal?

Pastel Palm Fronds

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to make today. (No pressure, it’s Saturday.)
I knew I wanted to play around with a new set of markers and I had a 3 color palette in my head to experiment with – but I didn’t know what exactly to draw. After a bit of time spent fumbling around my sketchbooks, I started to draw out long lines with the markers, overlapping and weaving around eachother. And then it hit me, “Palm fronds!”

I cut a few pieces of watercolor paper to a smaller size and starting drawing.

I am still in love with pastels and was really hoping for a sunset-type resulting mesh of colors, but I think the pinky browns I went with ended up being just a bit too earthy and not as vibrant as I was hoping. It was a good exercise though — now I have a much clearer idea of where I want this Saturday afternoon to go.
Off to make more coffee!!!!


Blank Journals!

I may have gone a little photo-crazy this afternoon.
I set up a small scene to take a few pictures of the

I just love these journals. I rarely leave the house without 2 blank books (one a dedicated list-book, one a dedicated sketchbook) and have grown to harbor a serious affinity for unlined books.
When I received this package of blank mini-journals I knew I had to illustrate something small and precious on the cover. So I went with the three things I haven’t been able to stop drawing recently; cacti, prickly pears, and crystals.

I’ll definitely be ordering more of the journals, so let me know if you have any suggestions for things to add to the covers!