Fin and Feather Shop — SNEAK PEEK!!

Hello Friends!
This past week has been a blur of new packaging, new product photography/styling, and copious — nay — unholy amounts of coffee. I am getting *so* close to being able to update the etsy shop with all the new work from abroad, so I figured I’d offer a little sneak peek into the fresh new face of Fin and Feather Art.

I might be on a bit of a pastel binge. Although — with the warmer weather, the delicate scents of flowers and sea salt wafting on the breeze, how could I not be?? I regret nothing.

I am super pumped to get all the new work added to etsy. I still have a few more rounds of new paper to test and am waiting on another shipment of cardboard backing boards, but it should all come together shortly. Hopefully. With that in mind, I’ll be offering a few new coupon codes to celebrate the revamp of the store.

Here’s the first one; help me clear out the old work!
Is the first new coupon code! Simply enter it when checking out on etsy for a 10% discount!

As always, thanks for stopping by – can’t wait to share all thats in store for my little shop :)

Ram Skull

Usually I shy away from pink. It’s just not a color I find myself drawn to very often, or at all inclined to use.
I”m not sure if it’s the warm weather or what, but lately I have not been able to get pink out of my mind, or my palette.

I started working on this ink ram skull atop a bed of flowers and decided that yep- they had to be pink.

The final illustration measures 11×14 and will be available at my shop during the Grand Re-Opening event on Thursday! Only two more days, woo!

Time Change and Cacti

This time change is knocking the stuffings out of me.
Yesterday I was wide awake and ready to take on the world at 3:30 am.

Thankfully, I’ve got lots to work on in the early morning. First thing on my list, was to make lists. And strawberry-chia smoothies.

Today thankfully I wasn’t awake until 5:30, but it still feels pretty ridiculous. I wanted to finish up a few of the sketches from our foray into the Botanical Gardens, so I made use of the silence this morning with some tea and posted up on our balcony. Once the sun came out it was actually quite nice, a very different (quieter) side to Miami.

I should have some more sale info by the end of the weekend, I am beside myself with excitement for the re-opening on thursday!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend — go out and make some art!!

Somehow, it’s April…

Happy April 1st!
I hope everyone is wary today — don’t believe anything on the internet. Except maybe for this post, I’ve already gotten the April Fools-ing out of my system today anyway.

So somehow, it’s April already. This means a few things to me;
1.) Holy cow, time flies.
2.) Our European Adventure is almost over.
3.) My shop re-opens soon!

As we prepare to bring our fantastic little trip to a close, I am a whirl of emotion. I am sad to leave behind the exploration and the challenges of living abroad, but I am so, so, ready to sleep in my own bed and get back to real life.

Part of ‘real-life’ (one of my more favorite parts actually) is the running of my etsy shop, Fin and Feather Art. As I mentioned earlier in the year, I closed my shop during our travels to focus on creating my art and to spend a bit of time considering the final touches to the rebranding of the store that I started earlier in the year.

And I am so excited to show off.

April 10th will be the Grand Re-Opening (Bob’s burgers anyone?). To celebrate, I’m having a little kick-off party in my studio that evening, and will also be sending out special gifts with all orders placed that whole weekend! (April 10th – April 13th) Pop over to my facebook page for more information on the upcoming sale :)

It should be great a few days, and I am a bit antsy to get to it! Though, while I am absolutely pumped about the store, it is our last day here in Barcelona — so we should go outside and enjoy it. I wish everyone a great (and scare-free!) April 1st!