Blank Journal – Suggest a Cover!

I’ve been trying to clean out the area under my desk (somehow seems to collect all ‘homeless’ art supplies) and was pleased to have uncovered one more blank journal from moleskine.

I love working with these little books — perfect size for stuffing in a pocket or bag, and the creamy paper is practically begging to be covered in doodles and ideas.

Blank book from Fin and Feather Art


I’ve made a few little cover designs over the past year or so – but I’m just not sure what to put on this one. Cacti, moon, feathers, gems, cameras… all have been done. Any idea what you might want to see on this blank journal? Something for travel, or school perhaps? Let me know!

Here are a few past designs;

Blank Journals by Fin and Feather Art

Moon Journal by Fin and Feather Art

Illustrated Journal - by Fin and Feather Art(This little cactus journal is available for purchase here —> BUY ME)

Feel free to leave your suggestions below, I’ll decide by the weekend and post progress pics shortly thereafter.

Have a lovely afternoon friends!


Painting-in-Progress; Watercolor Honeybee

I finished up work this afternoon on a custom watercolor painting; a lovely little honeybee for a devoted beekeeper. Here’s a quick little step-by-step breakdown of how it came to life.

Note of Sarcasm; when making step-by-step graphics, it’s super important to take the pictures at very VERY times of day, so that the whole color of the piece looks different every time. It’s apparent I need to revamp to my studio lighting…

Custom Watercolor Painting - by Fin and Feather Art

Illustrated Profile Pic

Happy Monday folks!

I put in some time this weekend to work on a project for my favorite beauty blogger and beach buddy, Beti over at Makeup Sessions.

The plan was to create an illustration that would be used as a profile pic across several different platforms. Something artsy, maybe a dab of a fashion illustration influence.

And here’s a few shots of what we came up with;