What I Learned from My First Fair

Fin and Feather Art Fair Booth


Fin and Feather Booth Design


Fin and Feather Art Full Booth

This week I participated in my first Art/Craft Fair! I spent the days leading up to the event cutting/signing prints, making spreadsheets and pricelists and organizing work. I was existing in a state of excited nervousness, so curious as to how the event would go, and yet so paranoid that I would forget something important. I can’t tell you how many times I checked and double-checked to make sure I had packed my square reader…

Thankfully, the day was awesome and went off without a hitch. I made a lot of new friends, (other booths as well as customers) and learned a great deal. Can’t ask for much more :)

In the space in between sales as I sat at my little booth, I tried to keep track of what I learned and what I might do differently for the next fair. Here’s a quick little rundown of what I came up with;

1.) Watch out for loading zones.

I accidentally drove past the orange cones and right into the walkway for loading/unloading. I felt so stupid.

2.)Load up car the night before.

Packing everything up at 8 am seemed like a good idea then, but as I trudged back and forth to the garage nervously checking the time, I realized the loading should have been done the night previous.

3.)Label EACH item with a price.

I had my items grouped together, with one price tag applying to a whole area. I.E, Bookmarks = $10. No one looked at the tag, everyone expected to see a price on the back. I didn’t mind rattling off my prices when people would ask, but it would have saved everyone a bit of time if the information they wanted was in the place they expected it.


It was 89 degrees and sunny.

5.) Include location on the sign.

A lot of people were interested if I was local or not, which was interesting. Had I written “Miami, FL” on my signage, it may have saved my customers a bit more of their time.

Overall, I had a blast. It was a beautiful day, well organized and a portion of the booth fees and entry tickets went to a great cause. (Wounded Warriors). I can’t wait until the next one!


Watercolor Floral Print Test

I posted a few work-in-progress shots of this floral watercolor on instagram back a few weeks ago, and received an incredible response for prints.

SO! I woke up a few hours early this morning and got to work testing the colors. My scanner/printer are pretty well calibrated at this point, so matching the colors to the original only took a few passes. I made tests of 5 x 7s, 8.5 x 11, and 11 x 14 sized prints, and was quite happy with the outcome.

I’m hoping to finish a run of 20 by tomorrow, allowing me to photograph them and put them up in the etsy shop by the end of the week.

Floral Abstract Watercolor by Fin and Feather Art

watercolor floral by Fin and Feather Art


Hope everyone has a lovely week! And Happy July!

Petoskey Stones!

Last week I started working on a commission for a friend featuring the illusive state stone of Michigan — the Petoskey. It is both rock and fossil, created from an ancient coral reef from the Devonian period.

I can remember spending my free time during a few childhood trips to the Traverse area hunched over in the gravel looking for a stone of my own. Which, to my great frustration I never found.

Having no real-life example in my rock collection, I was thankfully able to purchase a few specimens on online :)

I made a few sketches before moving on to the large version (24 x 24), but found that I enjoyed the sketches so much, I might as well make a few additional paintings after I wrapped up the commissioned work.

Petoskey Watercolor Fin and Feather Art



petoskey stones Fin and Feather Art


I made a small run of prints from this particular painting as well — check them out here!




Abstract Watercolors now on Great.ly!

Ellen Sherman Abstract Watercolors


I’m so excited to announce that I’m launching my abstract watercolor print shop on Great.ly!

If you haven’t been over to the site yet, I encourage you to check it out. It’s a neat way to connect makers and curators, all for the benefit of the shopper. It is organized into sets of boutiques curated by Great.ly approved tastemakers, who bring their individual style and aesthetics to the shop. Think of those nifty little indie shops, nestled in the heart of cities – the ones that only stock vintage trinkets and handmade beauties. Now imagine you can access them at your desk, no plane ticket required. That’s Great.ly.

I’m really excited to see how it pans out, as it is quite a bit different from the usual online shopping experience. I have a lot of a faith behind the Great.ly team though (The Jealous Curator is one of my favorite people in existence), and if anyone can spice up the world of shopping online – it’s totally them.

So if you get a chance, check out the site – see if you can find me :)

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!!!


New Abstract Work available for Pre-Order!

Happy Monday folks! Hope you all had excellent weekends!



My weekend seemed to be devoted to the more adult side of life — revolving around taxes, laundry and picking out new floor tiles. No complaints here though, it was all necessary and some of it a good bit of fun. We’re still dealing with some flood damage from back in November, so I am all about with getting the discolored carpet ripped up and replaced with shiny new (flood resistant) tile.

In addition to these pursuits, I was also able to finally color check a run of brand new prints made from my recent abstract watercolors. They passed with flying colors (pun completely intended) so I am super happy to announce that I will be taking preorders for the first 20 prints of each painting! Each work measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is printed on gorgeous, heavy weight fine art paper using archival quality ink.

For all pre-orders I’ll also be reducing the cost from $25.00 per print, to $20 until the first run sells out.

Simply click here to send me an email. 

Make sure to note the following;

1.) The letter corresponding to print (see below) that you would like to order.

2.) The quantity of each print you would like to order.

3.) The address of where the print should be sent to.

I will confirm availability and will send a paypal invoice back to the email. Payment must be made within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. Once I’ve received payment, the print will ship within the next 2 business days.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on the offer, or for any additional images of the prints :)


Watercolor Abstracts available for Pre-Order!
Watercolor Abstracts available for Pre-Order!


Gemstones Print

Slowly but surely I’m ticking things off my to-do list.

One of these such things, was to finish perfecting the color output for a run of prints made from this gemstone watercolor. It’s one of my favorite watercolors, so I was feeling pretty guilty leaving it for so long in an unfinished state.

So when I finally found an afternoon free this week, it was first on my list to accomplish. After finishing the color calibrations, (which I’ll admit took a bit longer than average to perfect) I made a full run of 25 prints on my Hahnemule fine art paper.

I am quite pleased with how they came out and may consider doing a bigger run in the future. I’ll need more paper though, I’m almost through my box :)

Click here to purchase your own gemstone print!

gemstones gem_etsy