Deer Tote Design

Last Sunday we visited the

I decided to draw a fawn face, as that was something I could whip up fairly quickly and without *too* much risk of messing up and destroying the bag. Although, I guess at two euro, it wouldn’t be that big of a problem — just a hassle to go out and get another.

Note for future-Ellen; always buy backup materials…

Thankfully I finished it up right as I lost my sunlight. I love the little flat we rented, but after about 5:30, all the good drawing light is gone. And the few lamps in the places don’t offer too much in terms of strong light. Not bad for sketching or making notes, but definitely not great for a project without much room for mistakes.

I am super happy with how it turned out. The original plan was to draw magnolia branches and flowers behind the head, but as I lost the light, I decided to wait. I’ll use it for a bit as is then decide if I want to add anything more.

And now we are off to find some pizza.