Abstract Watercolors now on Great.ly!

Ellen Sherman Abstract Watercolors


I’m so excited to announce that I’m launching my abstract watercolor print shop on Great.ly!

If you haven’t been over to the site yet, I encourage you to check it out. It’s a neat way to connect makers and curators, all for the benefit of the shopper. It is organized into sets of boutiques curated by Great.ly approved tastemakers, who bring their individual style and aesthetics to the shop. Think of those nifty little indie shops, nestled in the heart of cities – the ones that only stock vintage trinkets and handmade beauties. Now imagine you can access them at your desk, no plane ticket required. That’s Great.ly.

I’m really excited to see how it pans out, as it is quite a bit different from the usual online shopping experience. I have a lot of a faith behind the Great.ly team though (The Jealous Curator is one of my favorite people in existence), and if anyone can spice up the world of shopping online – it’s totally them.

So if you get a chance, check out the site – see if you can find me :)

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!!!


Old prints = Collage bits!

Awhile back I was making prints of some of my botanical drawings, and my poor printer had a *really* bad day. For some reason it decided to print everything within a giant square of gray, which was super disappointing. I fixed it (thankfully) and went on to make a run of perfect prints — but was sad that the others were wasted.

Until, I remembered I love to collage.

I spent the whole day cutting the prints out and arranging/rearranging them on various surfaces. I wove the leaves together, made patterns, stacked them other under tracing paper, and just generally explored. I haven’t set a final layout just yet, I’m still having too much fun playing. A final composition is my goal for the weekend :)