Thank You


I ran out of my hand-drawn thank you tags earlier this week, so I set aside some time to replenish my supply.

I took a few moments to consider my own thankfulness as I pressed the pen to form the words. I am grateful for the big things (family, friends, health, etc) but rarely (ashamedly) take the time to call the little things to mind.

I’m grateful for this warm coffee, keeping my fingers nice and toasty as I work. 

I’m grateful for the sounds of my husband typing across the studio. The clackety-clackety reminds me my best friend is just a nerf dart away.

The sounds of ferrets dreaming. The smell of toast. Pandora. The tape that holds my printer cord off my feet…

Though it can be grueling and occasionally horribly-terribly-frustrating to carve out a career as an artist, making sure to remind ourselves of even just the *smallest* things we are thankful for can be an uplifting shift of perspective.

What little thing are you grateful for?



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