Pineapple Print!

I was doing a deep clean of the kitchen the other day and I ashamedly realized that all of our kitchen tea towels are either; stained (in colors that would suggest a hasty cleanup of spilled merlot…) ripped down the side (not even sure how that would happen) or fraying along the edges (love and overuse).

My first thought was to make a purchase on Amazon, but I quickly realized this was a chance to try out something I’ve been curious about recently; printing onto fabric. The only issue would be my lack of sewing machine…and any semblance of sewing skills to speak of.

Mom to the rescue! She’s an awesome seamstress (and is in the process of setting up a little pop-up shop with her wares) and I had a feeling she might like a bit of new, custom fabric to work with. And maybe I could get a few custom-printed tea towels out of the deal :)

I started with exploring the basic shape of the pineapple by repeating it multiple times in different color combinations. I wasn’t too particular in this stage, just having fun with the colors – though I made note of what was working and what wasn’t.
Eventually I decided I wanted to stick to the pink, coral and beige palette that has kind of taken over my life right now, and I felt like that would be a good match against the white and dark wood of our kitchen.

So here is the final print! I’m excited to get it shipped off to Spoonflower and turned into linen, and even more excited to see my mom makes with it.

(Besides the tea towels, of course!)

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