Happy 2015!!




I’m going to go ahead and echo the same statement made by probably most people over the age of 20 or so.

How in the world is it 2015 already? 

And here I had just gotten used to writing ‘2014’ on the backs of all my work.

I started this year out with a fresh page in my sketchbook and practiced writing the new year. (I know it will still take a few days to naturally write 2015 instead of 2014, but a little extra practice never hurts!) As I drew out the numbers I thought about the previous year, recalling all of the wonderful things that we experienced and all the things I hope achieve in this new year. I don’t really do resolutions, but I do believe in greeting the new year with intention.

I said goodbye to the year that saw us live abroad in Barcelona and Berlin, the year we road-tripped down the west coast, our first anniversary. The last year of my twenties (bring it 30!) and the first of year as an artist full-time. There were struggles of course, but all in all 2014 was a fairly spectacular year. 2015 has it’s work cut out for it.

I’m hoping this year will bring a bit more organization, maybe a little more emphasis on keeping my space clean (seems to be a running a theme, my studio space is always 2 shades away from a complete mess) and a much better inventory system. Shipping this year seemed to be punctuated by constantly running out of supplies. I’m not sure what that system is yet, but I will be experimenting with a few different ideas throughout January.

Another thing I’m excited to try, is the kickstarter project of Angela Trinidad. Normally not one for planners, I am finding myself drawn to the layout and intent of her Passion Planner. With a focus on organization for 2015, it seems like a fitting purchase for the start of the year. Unfortunately I saw the project a bit ago but didn’t back it in time — and new orders aren’t shipping until late February. But they’ve provided a PDF of the entire book for free once the link is shared on social media, so I’ll print the first month or two until the real book comes.

What about you? Any exciting intentions for 2015?





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