From the Road: New Orleans!

Yikes, it’s been awhile.

I’m trying to get better at blogging regularly – but sometimes life just takes over and steamrolls any attempt at scheduling.

Having been successfully steamrolled, I now present ( 2 weeks late) a little photo recap of our JazzFest 2015 adventure :)



Abstract Artist Ellen Sherman in New Orleans
How beautiful is St. Louis Catherdral?



Abstract Artist Ellen Sherman and beignets
Beignets, sitting on steps, listening to a brass band. Happiness.


The streets were filled with dancing, drinking and merriment.


Bloody Mary at Jackson Square
I could have eaten those beans for the rest of my life. Apparently I like Bloody Marys.


And finally, getting a little bit of work done.


The city was lovely, the people warm and friendly and the food

Let’s just say I have a TON of damage control to do now that we are home. Daily 10ks here I come!

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