4:30 am, and I’m awake.

Occasionally I’ll dream about work I want to make.

I’ll go to bed with a vague idea in my head and wake up with a relatively fleshed-out image that is burning to be made. Some days I scrawl it down on the notepad next to my bed, roll over and fall back asleep. Other days, I am instantly wide awake and know that there will be no sleep until I’ve painted what I’m seeing.

So there I was, 4:30 am at my desk with a cup of tea trying desperately to pull out supplies without waking the husband. I got to work in the easy stillness of pre-dawn, and remembered how much I liked getting up when the world is still asleep. I’m always saying I need time to just stop for a little bit and let me catch up — and it felt like I sort of got my wish.

2 hours later, my painting was finished and I went back to bed <3

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