Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about balance.

How to make sure that my energy is distributed as healthily as possible : Between my art practice, commissions, freelance and personal projects, as well as my seriously wonderful husband, our fantastic friends and family, and my own mental well being.

If I have time left over, maybe I’ll get to the dishes.

Making sure to budget time efficiently has always been a bit of stumbling block for me, as I can quickly find myself 6 hours into a painting when I would swear only 2 went by.  Alarms, are a utterly fantastic invention.

One of the aspects of my life that has helped to keep me organized, keep me balanced, is my yoga practice. Three times a week usually out at Bayfront park in Miami (or at a nearby studio) has been a source of incredible insight and a wealth of personal growth. Beyond the blocking-off of two hours and the schedule crunch that creates, the poses, the breathing, the reflection has developed an inner voice I did not know I possessed.

After a particularly refreshing class this Saturday, I came home and immediately started to paint. I had a slip of an idea as I walked back from the park in my post-yoga haze and wanted to make sure to get it onto paper before ate breakfast and showered.




Three stones, each bleeding into each other, supporting each other.

I titled it ‘Balance’ and it now sits above my keyboard. It serves as a reminder to myself to honor what is truly important and let a natural balance pervade.

What about you? Do you have any tactics or tricks to keep your schedule/life in check? Leave them below, or send me a tweet!



Gemstones Print

Slowly but surely I’m ticking things off my to-do list.

One of these such things, was to finish perfecting the color output for a run of prints made from this gemstone watercolor. It’s one of my favorite watercolors, so I was feeling pretty guilty leaving it for so long in an unfinished state.

So when I finally found an afternoon free this week, it was first on my list to accomplish. After finishing the color calibrations, (which I’ll admit took a bit longer than average to perfect) I made a full run of 25 prints on my Hahnemule fine art paper.

I am quite pleased with how they came out and may consider doing a bigger run in the future. I’ll need more paper though, I’m almost through my box :)

Click here to purchase your own gemstone print!

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